Air Travel:
The office is approximately 10 miles west of Logan Airport in Boston.

Automobile Travel:
The office is just west of Cambridge and is very close to the Massachusetts Turnpike (route 90). To view map, click here.

There are many hotels within 5-10 minute drive or taxi ride from the office. 

Office Visit Schedule:
If you live 2-3 hours away, it may be reasonable for you to come for a one day visit. Many people who come from further distances, choose to stay for 2 to 4 days. In this case, your first office visit will likely be on Monday. This is the day you will start to learn where your pain comes from and how to work on your body to make this pain more manageable or even go away. During the next days we continue this education and start to work on your body with various myofascial techniques. Your last visit will be on a Thursday.




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