Scheduling an appointment

New and returning patients can schedule appointments  by phone or email with Rheanna, scheduling manager.  When calling or emailing please indicate if you are a new or returning patient.  Rheanna will contact you shortly.   Call Rheanna at 781.894.9430 or click here to email.

Returning patients can make appointments online by clicking here. 

If you look at the online schedule and no appointment is available soon, please contact Rheanna to be put on a waiting list.  There are often changes in the schedule and we will make every effort to get you in as soon as possible.

The first appointment is 90 minutes (but give yourself 2 hours just in case).  Subsequent treatments are about 50-55 minutes.

If you have pain in many areas of your body you may want to schedule longer sessions.  When scheduling your first appointment, it is recommended that you schedule subsequent treatment times so that you won't have to wait long for a second session.

We try very hard to stay on time.  Please be on time and remember that you are responsible for cancelling your appointment with a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid paying for the appointment. Evening appointments and double sessions require a minimum fo 48 hours notice to voice a cancellation fee.  

More notice is appreciated by us and other patients that may be waiting for an opening.