The first visit will last about ninety minutes.  You will bring in the history form that you have filled out at home (see downloadable form page).  We will go over your history and talk about your condition.  You will have a chance to ask questions and bring up any concerns you may have.

Then we move to the treatment room.  On the first visit we will do posture, movement and pain assessments.  Please wear your undergarments or bring a bathing-suit or shorts to wear. You may also bring someone with you to the appointment and/or into the treatment room if you feel more comfortable doing so.

After the assessments we will begin treatment.  Generally people are treated in their undergarments,  gowns are available.  The rest of the time will be devoted to treatment.  We generally talk during the treatment - there is a lot of information to find out so that we can make suggestions about things you can alter  to reduce your pain (such as ergonomic changes, sleep issues, etc).  You are always free and encouraged to ask  questions.

Important:  If you want to have trigger point needling on the first session then you MUST have your physician's note with you.  Often we don't do needling at first so if you don't have it there is still a lot to do.  You do not need a physician's note for the assessment, manual trigger point therapy or Fascial Manipulation.