Fees, Insurance and Policies


Initial Session:  $240,  this includes reviewing your history, physical evaluation and treatment and will take an hour and a half.

Subsequent sessions:  $150  (approximately 55 minutes). Longer sessions are available if appropriate and desired.


Payment is a the time of service.  Cash or check are preferred but we also accept credit cards.

Flexible Spending Accounts and Healthcare Spending Accounts generally cover our services and they will reimburse you. We will provide you with a receipt for submission. If you have a card we can use it for payment.


Your health insurance policy may cover this treatment.  Check with your carrier to be sure. We do not bill for services but are happy to provide an insurance receipt for you to submit.   Medicare and Medicaid do not cover this treatment.   

Employer based pre-tax medical reimbursement plans will reimburse you for  services. We will provide you with a receipt for submission.


Your appointment is important. Unless there is an emergency, please be kind enough to cancel your appointment a minimum of 24 hours in advance, or pay the missed appointment fee in full.