As our patient, you are our first concern. We hope that you are satisfied with our care and that you feel that you are treated with kindness and with courtesy. Please let us know if we have treated you well. With your written permission, we would like to feature your success story on our website as an inspiration for others.  If you are not satisfied with our care, please let us know, so that we may correct any deficiencies that may have occurred.

Herniated disc/back pain:                                                                                                                    

I met Erika Bourne after having surgery for a herniated disc in my low back.  The surgery was considered to be a success by my surgeon, but I still had pain in my back and leg that interfered with my ability to work and perform daily activities.  As a physical therapist, I knew the appropriate stretches and strengthening exercises to perform, but everything that I tried only made the pain worse.  Medication prescribed by my surgeon had no effect on the pain.  At the time, I had limited experience with trigger point therapy but knew that a lot of my pain seemed muscular in origin. I went online and found Erika. 

After one visit I knew that I had found a skilled practitioner who was going to be able to help me with my pain.  After a couple of months of treatment (both manual and needling) I am now relatively pain free and have returned to running, swimming and cycling.

Sports injury/pain:                                                                                                                                                   I don’t think that I can say enough about Erika and trigger point therapy.  I have been a practicing physical therapist for 10 years and have often felt that there was a missing component in the care provided by physical therapists for people with chronic pain.  Trigger point therapy seems to be that component:  the modality that helps to relieve pain and improve muscle function in order to exercise effectively.  Erika not only helped me regain my active lifestyle, but has also made me a better practitioner by sharing her knowledge and expertise.

-E.M, Arlington


Shoulder pain/sports injury:                                                                                                                                 I discovered Erika about 6 years ago when I learned about trigger point therapy the hard way.  I had seen my doctor a couple of times for shoulder pain caused by overuse from racquetball.  I got the rotator tendinitis diagnosis with rest and physical therapy for treatment.  A month of rest and physical therapy didn't alleviate my symptoms so I decided to educate myself about my "condition".  I stumbled upon the subject of trigger points and was amazed at the amount of pain a seemingly uncomplicated physiological condition can cause.  To make a long story short, I found Erika as she's the closest person to me who specialized in trigger points and dry needling (for quick release of trigger points). 

I can't say enough about her knowledge and skill at finding and releasing trigger points and alleviating pain.    I was lucky that I discovered her after only sidelining myself for 3 months while I "waited" for the traditional doc's treatment plan to work.   Erika was also instrumental in alleviating my husband's severe pain that he seemed to develop overnight that went from his neck down to his arm.  He was almost in tears for 3 days while he saw orthopedic docs and chiropractors who told him he had a herniated disc in his upper neck. He said he was ready to cut off his arm if that would fix the pain.   I begged him to just give Erika a chance as it could trigger point related.  At that point he was willing to try anything I think.  After the first visit with Erika, his pain was reduced by 50% and by the 3rd or 4th visit within 7 days he was pain free.    He was pretty amazed as he had been a little skeptical.  I know these results may not be typical, but in both my husband's and my case, Erika's knowledge and skill took care of our pain fairly quickly.  Education from Erika regarding self massage and stretching has kept us pain free since our episodes.  I can't recommend her highly enough.

-Teri LaBrie, NH

Low back/sciatic pain:                                                                                                                                           I have suffered from chronic pain for nine years.   After two surgeries and countless appointments with various chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and MDs (and expensive injections of various kinds, which did no good) -- with pain only getting worse  --  I finally found Yvan at the Myofascial Pain Treatment Center.   I quickly realized that Yvan would be different from any other professional I had seen.   He cared deeply.   He made every effort to schedule me as soon as possible.   He gave me clear, written instructions on how to empower me to do my own self-treatment.   He followed up with me via texting to see how I was doing with the self-treatment tasks he had given me.   If I was having difficulty and texted him, he always responded and took phone calls, even after hours.  

Most of all, his skill level exceeded that of any other professional I’d ever seen.   In one single person, Yvan, demonstrated more skill than the combined skills of the countless professionals I’d ever seen in nine years.   He has devoted himself to the study and treatment of pain.   He has helped me immensely.   He has carefully scheduled me with Erika Bourne and has regularly apprised me of cancellations on her schedule so that I can get in for the dry needling.   He is the finest pain management professional I’ve ever seen (along with Erika Bourne), and for someone with my seemingly intractable pain, he has given me hope and his personal commitment to see me through to my healing.   I am incredibly grateful to both he and Erika Bourne.   Yvan and Erika clearly know more about chronic pain than anyone I’ve ever seen, far more than the most well known pain physicians in the Boston area, and even better, they are sincerely committed to healing in their patients.  If you have pain, Yvan and Erika will be the best people you can go to. 

-Jack G.

Repetitive strain injury:                                                                                                                                        If you had to choose between a world class 30 day five-star tour or being pain free, I think it’s a no-brainer that anyone would choose to be pain free.  To be able to do simple little things like shopping, laundry, working, driving is the goal of every person.  What would life be like if you couldn’t do those simple things?


Several years ago, in my 40’s, I had my first experience with daily pain.  I was diagnosed with “repetitive strain injury”, which many people refer to as carpal tunnel syndrome; and although they have many similarities, they are  different.  It worsened to the point where I couldn’t even take things off the grocery store shelves.  My husband had to come food shopping with me and put things in the basket.


I tried many things, including doctor-ordered rehab; physical therapy, yoga, acupuncture, etc.; but the pain kept returning.  I needed something to manage the pain so I could enjoy life.


I can’t remember how I tracked down Erika, but I went to see what she had to offer.  Of course, nothing is “magic” and works immediately, but I did notice an improvement very early on, and, eventually with enough visits, I was actually pain free for the first time a very long time!!!  Now, I only go for “tune-ups”; and I take advantage of her new “needle” therapy which is even higher level, more intense and faster!  


Yes, it can be pricey, and, of course, insurance often doesn’t cover it, but what would you choose?  Good health or not?  There is no price you can put on having pain free days.


I would be happy to discuss this further with anyone that wants to provide their telephone number to Erika, and she can then forward it along to me, because I probably sound like an “ad” for her by now!  No, I am not a personal friend or relative, I never met her before this……….but she was a godsend!


I prefer to remain anonymous, so I will sign off as “D”.

Migraine/ head ache:                                                                                                                                        The day I went to see Erika my pain was devastating. The migraine had been torturing me for a while and I was desperate. Erika worked on my trigger points, and I felt the pain dissipate. Eventually the pain came back. However, I was quite impressed with Erika's passion for her work, energy, knowledge, and kindness. I knew I would see her again.

The second time I went to see Erika I was in pain again. Again I felt amazing relief when she worked on me, we talked and laughed a lot during this session and I felt a bit more hopeful. We talked about my bad posture, how that is creating problems with my shoulder, neck and back muscles. This bad posture has created trigger points, which cause pain in my head. I have been suffering from migraine pain for 26 years. Throughout this time I tried many different therapies and I take several preventative medicines. But I still have terrible crisis.

On the second visit Erika gave me homework. She gave me some tools and exercises to do at home. And I did them. Whenever I felt some threat of pain around my eye, I did the work. And the pain went away. Ok, I can do this. I was able to keep the pain away.

On my third visit I had a huge smile on my face. I had no pain. Since then I work really hard on my trigger points. When I catch my bad posture I fix it. I now have hope and I feel empowered instead of feeling miserable and completely out of control.

I want to yell from the top of my lungs to everyone who suffers from migraines to try trigger point therapy.

-M.S. , Waltham

Back pain:                                                                                                                                                         Dear Erika:                                                                                                                                                               If I did not have your treatment I would not be able to work, go out or do any of the things a normal person does who does not have a bad back problem.  Trigger point therapy saved my life in that I can live again and be normal and do many things.  I can go out walking, gardening, drive a car and go dancing which I cannot do when my back gets bad.  Thank God for myofascial trigger point therapy, It's made my life so normal again.

-Peg M. Arlington, MA

Carpal tunnel syndrome:

Dear Erika:                                                                                                                                                         After being diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, the only treatment option that my doctors could offer was surgery.  Myofascial pain therapy alleviated the near constant tingling and numbness I had been experiencing.  In addition, Through your guidance and insight, I learned about the importance of good posture and muscle relaxation in preventing my symptoms from recurring.

-G.V., Wakefield, MA

Repetitive strain injury:                                                                                                                                         I have tried many treatments in connection with my RSI, and myofascial pain therapy has been the only one to consistently relieve the  level of my pain and allow me to make steady progress in regaining functionality.

-P. H., Lexington, MA